Pre-Season Training



Leadership Training

Friday August 14, 2020

Room Check-In 9am-1pm

Band Registration 2-3pm (TSM Band Hall/Student Services)

Opening Meeting @ 7pm (O’kelly Stadium Stands)

Freshman/New Personnel Training

Monday August 17, 2020

Band Interest Meeting 2pm-2:45pm

Location: BN Duke Auditorium

New Personnel Registration/Check-In

Location: Sound Machine Band Hall/Student Services Bldg.

Check-in Schedule

Woodwind & Brasswind Registration 3:00pm

Snare, Quint, Tenor Registration 3:30pm

Cymbal & Bass Drum Registration 4:00pm

Auxiliary Registration 4:30pm

Opening Meeting @ 7pm (O’kelly Stadium Stands)

Full Band Training (Returning Members Report)

Wednesday August 19, 2020

Location: Sound Machine Band Hall/Student Services Bldg.


Returning Woodwind and Brasswind Registration 2pm

Returning Snare, Quint, Tenor Registration 2:30pm

Returning Cymbal &, Bass Drum Registration 3:00pm

Returning Auxiliary Registration 3:30pm

Opening Meeting @ 7pm (O’kelly Stadium Stands)

PLEASE NOTE: Rehearsals will take place DAILY once you report for training. The detailed daily schedule will be sent by August 1, 2020.


WHAT TO BRING: band fees, medication, instrument, pencil, music, water jug, hats, and sunscreen, other recommended items from the Covid-19 list.

MEDICAL: COVID-19 TESTING & Athletic Physicals are highly recommended this year! Incoming freshman are required to submit a Physical form as a requirement for Admissions.

WHAT NOT TO WEAR: denim, jewelry, cell phones, clothing that bears the name of a high school or another college.

WHAT TO WEAR: Plain white t-shirt (no logos), black shorts, ALL WHITE running shoes, and a hat.

***We will be spending a lot of time outside. It will be very important that you hydrate yourself and wear a hat while outside.

Wind Instruments: All wind instruments are responsible for bringing their own mouthpieces, reeds and other instrumental needs.

Percussion Information: All percussionists will be required to purchase their own sticks, mallets, cymbal straps, snare drum straps, and stick bags (if needed). Consult with the percussion instructor for specific stick and mallet requirements.

Percussion Instructor Contact:

Dancer Information:

All dancers are required to adhere to the required attire below. Ensure that you have enough clothing to get you through at least one week of rigorous activity. Please make sure that you have adequate shoes for (dance sneakers and running sneakers). Even though this is training, maintaining a presentable appearance is not an option. Each hairstyle and make-up needs to be kept up throughout a practice day. This is great practice for future performances.


a. Black sports bra

b. Black biker shorts

c. Black leggings

d. Plain white t-shirts

e. Running sneakers

Dance Instructor Contact:

Flag Information:

Flag members must wear form fitting white tops to all practices. This is to assure that the flag pole does not get caught in your shirt while twirling. Please invest in a quality black sports bra and comfortable, supportive athletic shoes to practice in. Color guard/jazz sneakers are not required, but recommended.

If you have not yet become a member of The Supernova Flag Line groupme, please request membership ASAP. The staff will be posting very important information through out the summer and we would not want you to miss out on the updates.

Flag Instructor Ms. Octavia Wooten